Spring update

Last April Mark and I spent a week at Lyme Regis and I was inspired by the huge number of tulips we saw, so last Autumn I planted…lots. Really pleased with our garden this Spring.

The Kelsons had an expedition to the bottom of the garden to admire the tulips planted around the rhubarb.

garden april 2017 - 14

We have had lots of (expensive) cat dramas – with numerous (out of hours) trips to the vet hospital, a biopsy, Rio’s diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease, Max’s stomach bug and Rio is still having tests on his heart to see why he is breathing so fast. Fortunately, both cats are really well in themselves and certainly don’t appear ill.

The garden is still full of birds…despite the presence of the cats!

Popped over to Chepstow to see my mum and was very impressed with her beautiful garden!

Easter was highly floral, with lovely gifts from Rita next door and Easter decor at Demuths.

As my time at Demuths came to an end…well not really and end, as I will still be doing some small amounts of work with Rachel and the team…I got to spend time with friends; breakfast at Comptoir Libanais with Jo (out of shot) and a whole day with Jess – including both breakfast at Bill’s and tea at the Holborn.

My very lovely boss arranged for a leaving lunch…more of a feast actually…with all the team at Castle Farm Cafe. The sun shone, the food was amazing and the company was the best…and I even managed not to cry!

As if lunch was not enough, I was presented with leaving and 50th birthday gifts…including a beautiful glass sun-catcher made by Jo from Demuths and even a jar of hedgerow jelly from Jo at Castle Farm Cafe!

My other birthday present (in addition to money from my mum and my aunt) was a new zoom lens from Mark and his parents…it had to be tried out in our garden! We had hoped to go to Cornwall on my birthday and stay for a week, but changed our plans to run Rio back and forth to the vet hospital for tests.

Love the way you can catch people unaware with a zoom lens, but I don’t think Mark’s mum will thank me for this one of her chatting to our neighbour…I’ll make it nice and small…

garden april 2017 - 82






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