Properly middle aged at last

Karen and I have been friends since we started secondary school and this year we are both 50. In our twenties we regularly would spend weekends exploring cathedral cities. We haven’t done this in years and decided this year is the year to start it up again. Oxford is perfectly placed a short train journey for each of us, so we booked a hotel (rather than the ultra cheap B&Bs we used to stay in) and headed off for a weekend in March – a month after Karen’s 50th birthday and a month before mine.

In our first year at secondary school, we had a school trip to London Zoo for all the girls in the year and, despite being a rather posh all girls’ grammar school, many of the year were misbehaving…all but swinging from the trees! Our form tutor grew concerned when she couldn’t find Karen and me in the fray and she finally tracked us down…sharing a pot of tea in the tea rooms…at age 11! My mum says I was born middle aged, and now I actually am middle aged – and Karen and I can still be found in a tea room.

After a cup of tea and a catch up we found a park to stroll around…and to chat some more.

And a long stroll back to the hotel before dinner at Jamie’s Italian.

We spent virtually all of Saturday at the Ashmolean – including breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner!

Mixing culture and food with a trip to the Oxford Botanical Gardens.

Sunday breakfast preceded a visit to the Natural History Museum and the Pitt Rivers Museum. I was blown away by the buildings and amazing assortment of displays!

Just time to wander around Trinity College open gardens before catching the train home.

Oh and a cream tea in the refectory of course!

We absolutely must have more weekend catch ups!

Oxford March 2017 - 130

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