Purple haze at Lacock Abbey

Took our cat Rio to the vet this morning for a scan and we had time to fill before we could go and collect him, so we popped in to Lacock Abbey to soak up the sunshine.

Food for the soul strolling through swathes of Spring bulbs.

The crocus are always particularly spectacular at Lacock Abbey.

The daffs aren’t bad either!

I even spotted a frog in the pond.

lacock blog - 42

The walled garden and glass house are also favourites…any time of year.

It wouldn’t be a day trip without coffee and cake (a very nice apple cake in the Lacock bakery)

lacock blog - 1

Thought this stall looked wonderful and was proud we resisted the temptation to buy anything!

lacock blog - 2

lacock blog - 3

Then back home to appreciate our own Spring flowers…and to wait for the vet to call for us to collect Rio.






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