Dyrham Park, deer park

Last day of our Christmas holidays and we decided to enjoy the sunshine at Dyrham Park. The World and his wife seemed to be there…along with his children…and we were a little concerned we might never make it out of the mud in the overflow carpark, but it was beautiful.

We debated which route to walk and in the end decided to follow the drive down to the house. This turned out to be a lucky decision as there were deer very close to the drive – and I had my zoom lens as well as the shiny new wide angle lens!

Stags were rutting on cue, as though timetabled for the tourists.

On to the house and formal gardens. The queues for the house and restaurant and shop were so long we stayed outside in the Winter sunshine.

We took the walk back up to the car pretty gently – a chance to admire the deer again.

You can see how close the deer were to the driveway…


…and yet not close enough for some! Not the way to show children how to treat wildlife with respect!

Looking back down the hill, other children were happily rolling down the muddy hill…they’ll be straight in the bath when they get home!

Ah well, back to work in the morning.






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