A Demuths Day Out at Yeo Valley Gardens

What a lovely day! A beautiful garden, lovely food, lovely people and even sunshine…lots of sunshine! So nice of Rachel to treat the team to a day out at Yeo Valley Gardens.

Yeo Valley - 1

Ready to set off!

First off a wander through the first few gardens to the avenue of trees in blossom.

Then on to the gravel garden and to admire the house (Lydia and I have agreed to share it)

Yeo Valley - 22

cerinthe major

A quick peak at the cows…

Yeo Valley - 17

Yeo Valley - 19

A little rest…

…and back to the cafe to meet Stefani for lunch (via the Demuths outdoor disco)

Yeo Valley - 36

Time for lunch!

A little more strolling…and some lounging in the shade of the blossom trees.

Yeo Valley - 42

Jan outshining the flowers

Time for tea in the oh so pretty cafe.

Yeo Valley - 62


Yeo Valley - 63



Thank you Rachel for the loveliest of days!!

















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