Lyme Regis, April 2016

Better late than never…

Mark and I headed to Lyme Regis on my birthday to spend a week in the loveliest little holiday home just five minutes walk from the centre of Lyme. An idyllic place on the river, where we were greeted by our regular ducks…

Lyme - 1

My birthday was wet and windy and quite horrible, but as we arrived in Lyme the sun came out. Time for a walk down to the seafront before picking up plaice and chips on the walk home…perfect birthday tea.

Lyme - 2

Being so close to the town centre and the sea meant plenty of early morning walks while Mark still snoozed under the duvet.

…timing it just right to pick up a warm sourdough loaf or fresh pain au raisin from the Town Mill Bakery.

Lyme - 93

Later in the day – after a day trip – there was plenty for walks together either towards the sea…

I am a big fan of Jane Austen and my favourite novel is Persuasion, and my favourite adaptation is the one with Amanda Root and Ciaran Hyndes. These steps always make me think both of Louisa jumping in to Captain Wentworth’s arms (falling and knocking herself out!) and taking dozens of photos of my dear friend Irene on the steps, as she too is something of a Persuasion fan!

Lyme - 50

…or for some people watching..

…or dog watching…

…or bird watching…

…or even an icecream!

Lyme - 28

I learned an important lesson…to protect my Marshfield Farm Luscious Lemon from marauding gulls!!

Walking the other way along the river took us to UpLyme.

We ate in mostly (apart from lunch in a variety of garden tea shops), but did have a lovely lunch at vegetarian restaurant La Tierra.

The week wasn’t without incident – like Mark whacking his head on the corner of the kitchen worktop. There was a slight cut, a large bump and he was a bit whoozey for an hour or two, although he now tells it as his lying in a pool of blood for several days!

Lyme - 97

…the odd hail and snow storm (although kindly they always waited until we had spent a sunny day out somewhere and were home for a cup of tea, and then they went away in time for a late afternoon/early evening walk!).

Mind you the bad weather looked really impressive as it rolled in across Lyme Bay!

Lyme - 110

Lyme - 111

I hate having my photo taken, but Mark insisted we prove that I actually was on the holiday, so just the one photo…

Lyme - 115


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