The Courts, Holt

One of our favourite places to go is the Courts at Holt, a very lovely National Trust garden. It has a very nice tea room, but I confess Mark and I never can resist Sam’s Kitchen at the Glove Factory…awesome food and homemade still lemonade!

The borders are a riot of colour while the trees create a shady calm…

The ponds glisten with dragonflies among the waterlilies…

…and the gardens are a haven for bees! I hadn’t noticed until our visit the way bees squeeze between the petals of the irises.

Lots of birds too. Mark and I were concerned this one had been hurt, but it flew away quite happily…perhaps it was sunbathing.

the Courts 25 June 201538

As ever my trusty camera bag carrier waited patiently while I took yet more photos.

the Courts 25 June 201531

the Courts 25 June 201549

A lovely day.

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