a solitary sojourn in the south west (warning: includes photos of cute baby animals!)

It’s been a busy time so, as our teeny weeny flat in Dorset was free, I decided to take myself off for a couple of days of sea air, gardens and swans. A hectic morning with Mark rather poorly and worried it was a pneumonia relapse and Rio the cat getting in to a bit of a scrap, but after George the spaniel’s mid day walk Mark pushed me out of the house insisting all would be fine and I should go. A bit of a surprise to find the A37 was closed for the section approaching the A303, but the diversion was ok and I was soon feeling the sea breeze in my hair.

me WB1

You can always spot the English on their holibobs!

West Bay May 201515

A happy half hour watching the pied wagtails perform acrobatics to catch bugs in the air.

Then back to the flat for fish and chips washed down with a shandy, a tear or two shed over ‘Finding neverland’ (again) and an early night.

The next day, once the contractors had been to look at the water ingress in the flat (6 years trying to get the management company to resolve the problem and still no date for the work!), I dashed off to the swannery at Abbotsbury to check out the new batch of cygnets (or swanlets as Mark likes to call them).

I really don’t know how Hans Christian Andersen could ever have thought a cygnet could be an ugly duckling!

Dorset 02 19

Mind you, the goslings are pretty cute too…

Dorset 02 27

…and I have a soft spot for the coot chicks too…

swans 01 09

…not to mention the moorhen chicks!

Dorset 02 07

The walk from the ticket office to the swannery passes through fields of sheep and lambs…yet more cute baby animals!

This lamb has a zen-like calm and inner happiness…

Dorset 02 69

The swannery is sheltered by the Chesil Beach and dressed in reed beds and wildflowers.

I love the way the cygnets ride on their parents’ backs!

It may be a swannery but there it attracts a wide range of different birds.

On the way back to the flat I stopped at several different parking spots to admire the view back to the Chesil Beach and St Catherine’s Chapel and on to Golden Cap and Lyme Bay.

Most importantly, I can honestly say I now have my ducks in a row!

Dorset 02 36


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