The ‘L’ word…

Today I abandoned my partner in crime Su to run a willow workshop in Alice Park and went for a very slow and gentle walk around Lacock Abbey (too much standing at my stall at Larkhall Festival on Saturday…). Yes, Lacock again…the ‘L’ word!

It is beautiful though…!

We started off by popping in to the field the other side of the ha-ha to get a sheep-eye view of Lacock Abbey.

Then in to the walled Botanical Garden…

On to the orchard…

Around the grounds…

Excited to see a pair of yellow wagtails…and of course the compulsory National Trust friendly robin…

…and one of the cats we often see, along with a new one…

Around the pond…

Then back to Alice Park to check on the willow weavers…and home for tea.

(Details of similar willow workshops – along with my textile workshops – at Grownups Playgroup)


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