Lacock Village and Abbey….again…!

Still on mission ‘get Mark fit enough to return to work’ (and not just so I can get on with some work!), we went to Lacock – yes, again. Lunch in Margaret’s tea garden at King John’s Hunting Lodge and then a stroll around Lacock Abbey grounds. The blossom is wonderful and everything is green and lush.

Margaret’s beautiful tea garden:

Lacock Abbey – we always start with the walled botanic garden and the glass house crammed with colour:

A stroll around the grounds, admiring the snakeshead fritillaries:

Mark was getting tired so sat on the wall and waited while I walked around the lake:

Then walking back through the grounds (to The Stables for raspberry pavlova icecream):


If you are are looking to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, head along to Lacock…never fails to be gorgeous!




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