Kilver Court Gardens

Mark’s exercise today was around the gardens at Kilver Court in Shepton Mallet – just had to take a few shots of our own garden first, as the big cherry tree is looking so lovely, the bleeding heart is starting to bloom and the back lawn is a mass of violets and primroses.

We have driven past Kilver Court so many times, but this is the first time we have been in. I am not a big fan of shopping, but I understand there are designer bargains to be had there – we were there for the gardens though. Your ticket allows you to wander in and out so we went round twice, with a rather delicious lunch between tours of the garden.

I have combined the garden photos, so here’s lunch first – such a nice restaurant; not too swanky. I like anywhere that displays flowers in teapots, and the cups were charming! All very rustic and mismatched. The flan was fab and the selection of salads was awesome…spelt with rose…mmmmm!

The gardens are not huge, but are beautifully planned, with streams running around left, right and centre, ending up in a large lake.

Such a beautiful lake, and the streams add an extra dimension to the gardens.

The Summer house even had a nice leather chair, ideally placed for old blokes getting over pneumonia to have a bit of a rest!

Flowers and blossom abound!

…and bees and bee flies…

Lovely place – will definitely go back.

(Alison, if you are reading this…perhaps we could meet there sometime?)






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