a little celebration

I was offered a part-time job today (I will still be doing the textile art stuff too) – it is for a charity and has yet to be confirmed by the Committee, but it is a job I really wanted and it felt as though a little celebration was in order. Mark offered to take me out for dinner but as he finishes early on a friday and the sun was shining from a bright blue sky and for the second day in a row I had been able to venture out without a coat, I said I would prefer a walk and a tea shop. I am a real wild child!

Lacock 6 March03

We went to one of our favourite National Trust properties – Lacock Abbey. It was carpeted in purple-blue crocuses, highlighted by the slightly faded snowdrops with the odd yellow highlight of primroses and aconites.

Lacock 6 March24

We didn’t go in to the house (needed to save time for a cup of tea and slice of banana and praline cake), but walked down to look at the river…

…and of course, in to the cloisters. There is something magically calming about cloisters (apart from the ones at Norwich cathedral when as a young person I was doing some voluntary work and got stuck on the top of the wall around the cloisters….it’s a long story…)

We never fail to meet a cat when we go to Lacock, today we didn’t see the fluffy grey and white one, but were disdainfully ignored by the tabby and affectionately greeted by one we hadn’t seen before – a Bengal perhaps?

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  1. Good news – I’ll keep my fingers crossed!
    …and the photos bring back many wonderful memories of Lacock – such a beautiful Place!

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