The Courts at Holt…open again after the Winter!

As anyone who follows my blog will know, I am a big fan of the The Courts at Holt – I love to see the seasons change (and pop in to the Glove Factory Cafe for lunch or tea and cake…and one of these days Mark will wake up early enough for us to try the breakfast too!). The Courts closes over Winter but this month is open at weekends, before opening fully in March.

When I worked at the Audit Commission I had a mentor, who soon became more friend than mentor. I know a lot of Karens so each needs an identifier. This Karen I initially referred to as Mentor-Karen, however Mark misheard and she has been known as Mental-Karen ever since. So on Sunday we met up with Mr and Mrs and Master Mental-Karen for lunch, a lovely walk/run around the Courts and then tea and cake.

The Spring flowers are looking wonderful – from the hellebores to the drifts of snowdrops to the cheerful crocuses and aconites to the pretty primroses and even catkins…sigh…just gorgeous!


It is a lovely garden for kids of all ages…!

Lovely to see mistletoe at a height where you can really appreciate it!

the Courts32

I took photos of these berries in the Autumn and was so surprised to see the birds hadn’t snaffled them all over the Winter…

the Courts46

Of course we chatted and chatted…and poor James got tired of waiting…

the Courts38

…and what did we do? We chatted some more!

the Courts39






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2 responses to “The Courts at Holt…open again after the Winter!

  1. Oh, I’d love to see the Courts! AND (you know me) I am an early bird, so I would certainly be up for breakfast in the Glove Factory Café. Win-win, or what?

    …and now I find myself wondering; would it be interesting if I too were a Karen and, in that case, what would my identifying prefix be? Perhaps better stick to Irene, after all…

    • Oh I will definitely take you to the Courts one day – and for breakfast.

      Swedish Karen? Knitting Karen? Oh how about cardamom bun Karen? But as it is, you are the only Irene I know.

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