Frozen World sculpture trail at Lacock Abbey

I have been looking forward to seeing the Frozen World sculpture trail at Lacock Abbey – I knew about the giant snowdrops and agapanthus, but the transparent yet reflective rings and stained glass hanging from the trees were a wonderful surprise. I was like a big kid looking for the agapanthus and wondering if maybe it was in the middle of the cloisters and lo and behold, it was!!

The grounds are beautiful any time of year, and the snowdrops that were just starting to come in to flower at Christmas are now blooming…


Plenty to do for kids of all ages! (including warming up by the fire in the great hall)

There are usually two cats we see at Lacock, the board in the walled garden suggested one is called Morag so Mark’s mum kept calling them both Morag to see if one responded…a little ear-twitching by both, so who knows!

Loved the glass pieces in the sculpture trail…

…and how cool is gourd bunting!

Frozen World07

We were mesmerised by the acrylic discs turning in the breeze, changing colours and reflecting trees and the abbey buildings..

The mosaic pieces were lovely too!

Not that I need any excuse to go to Lacock, but I had seen images of Jenny Pickford’s giant snowdrops on Twitter and particularly wanted to see them…and her agapanthus!





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