We actually started our final day of holiday heading to Ilfracombe. The walk from the car park to the harbour was quite nice, but the town itself was something of a disappointment (apologies to locals!) so we headed off to Lynton and Lynmouth.

Last Import - 006

a wall of memorial poppies at Ilfracombe

Last Import - 019

the nice bit of Ilfracombe

Last Import - 020

in case smugglers fancy trying their hand at a bit of crochet or beadwork

Last Import - 021

Ilfracombe harbour

Last Import - 025

rather odd – and huge – Ilfracombe statue

Last Import - 030


Last Import - 033

Mark enjoying the view of Lynmouth from the cliff top at Lynton

Last Import - 035

I love the funicular cliff railway that took us down to Lynmouth (and back up again)

Last Import - 037

cliff railway

Last Import - 041

we had the car to ourselves going down to Lynmouth

Last Import - 042

the view from the cliff railway car

Last Import - 049


Last Import - 053

company for lunch in Lynmouth

Last Import - 054

and another…!

Last Import - 059 Last Import - 065 Last Import - 075 Last Import - 078 Last Import - 082 Last Import - 088

Last Import - 090

The sky turned very dark and we headed for shelter to let the short, sharp shower pass by

Last Import - 091

Blue skies soon returned

Last Import - 103

looking back up at the cliff railway

Last Import - 093 Last Import - 094 Last Import - 096 Last Import - 098 Last Import - 104

time to go back up to Lynton

time to go back up to Lynton

Last Import - 115

Last Import - 116

Last Import - 123

Last Import - 129

Last Import - 131

Lynton town hall!

We popped in to Appledore for one last mocha before we went back to Hartland, and I just want to show you this, the most major road in this part of Devon – the A39. Barely wide enough to pass another car in some places, with overhanging trees and a steep drop at the side…not what I am used to from an A road!

Last Import - 133


Just time to say goodbye to Appledore and the Coffee Cabin…

Last Import - 137

the cake was so yummy I was half way through it before I remembered to take a photo!

Last Import - 141 Last Import - 142 Last Import - 144We had intended to stop off at Dunster Castle on the way home, but it was tipping down with rain, so we just went home. A really great week, but always nice to get back home to Bath and our two cats.

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  1. What a fab photo set. As always, you really capture a place.

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