The Byre, Higher Clovelly

Our home for the week is The Byre at Higher Clovelly. We found it easily, as you approach from the Bideford direction you can even see the collection of old farm buildings converted in to homes. It is a lovely setting – very close to both Hartland and Clovelly, not far from Bideford and Bude – with a pretty garden and decking and views along the coast. You enter the old farm via gates guarded by lovely stone lions.

mon 6 oct 2014 - 246

stone guard-lions

mon 6 oct 2014 - 247

mon 6 oct 2014 - 248

We did struggle a bit to find the key safe, and had to phone the owners (who were very nice and understanding) and we were soon inside.

mon 6 oct 2014 - 249

the red front door

mon 6 oct 2014 - 250

decking and picnic table at the back of the holiday home, with views over rolling hills (and friendly cows)

mon 6 oct 2014 - 252

the garden

Knightshayes - 174

Knightshayes - 175

bottom of the garden

Knightshayes - 178

mooing neighbours

Knightshayes - 183

cows from the gallery lounge (there are two lounges in the house!)

Knightshayes - 188

sun streaming in to the downstairs living room

Knightshayes - 189

the woodburner

Knightshayes - 192

one of the three bedrooms – yes, bigger than we need

Knightshayes - 193

our view

Knightshayes - 196

sunset on the day we arrived

We have a tradition of fish and chips on the first night of a UK holiday – pretty much the only time we ever have fish and chips – so we drove in to Hartland. We watched as the elderly chap over the road went in to the chip shop the minute it opened, accompanied by his cat! The cat sat outside meowing the whole time the fish was cooking, then walked back home with the old man…clearly a daily event for both man and cat to fetch their fish supper. Awwwww!

fish shop cat

Cat waiting for his fish supper


Back home to light the wood burner and enjoy our own fish supper

sunrise1 - 02

One thing about unsettled weather is that you often get a darn good sunrise! I took to standing on the decking in my nightdress, coat and Mark’s trainers (can slip them on without doing up laces)

sunrise1 - 03

early morning through the window on the galleried lounge

sunrise1 - 09

sunrise1 - 10

sunrise1 - 19

flocks of crows against the sunrise

sunrise1 - 23

sunrise1 - 28

sunrise1 - 29

sunrise1 - 30

sunrise1 - 31

sunrise1 - 33

sunrise1 - 36

sunrise1 - 38

sunrise1 - 849

Another day, another sunrise…









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