Appledore is a village on the mouth of the River Torridge. I stayed there a few times a while ago…maybe almost twenty years ago actually! It is somewhere that has warm memories – I had my first ever holiday alone there and found it utterly liberating, dashing about the countryside on my tatty old mini, taking a book in to the pub over the way of an evening and being welcomed by the regular locals there. Such a friendly place. Mark had never been there so we stopped off after our visit to Clovelly. The sun shone, the sky was blue, the boats bobbed about in the estuary and the little cafe we went to was one of the best ever! (the Coffee Cabin – best mocha I think I have ever had and cake to die for!)

clovelly and appledore - 124

view over the estuary to Instow


clovelly and appledore - 127




clovelly and appledore - 135

the Coffee Cabin – perfect mocha and Victoria sandwich, with a view over the waterfront

clovelly and appledore - 137

fish cushion on the arm of the comfy chair

clovelly and appledore - 136

great cushions scattered around the cafe

clovelly and appledore - 145

clovelly and appledore - 142

view of Instow

clovelly and appledore - 143

clovelly and appledore - 146

Mark calling his mum to wish her a happy birthday…good lad!

clovelly and appledore - 150

clovelly and appledore - 155

Almost up to date with holiday goings on so going to tag on today’s offerings. It rained all morning so we kept inside and wrote postcards and I caught up with my photos/blog, then we went to the Cheriton Lavender Farm for lunch. The lavender is pretty much over and it was very wet, but we had a very nice warm goose baguette and bought jars and jars of jam as requested by some of Mark’s work colleagues.

It was still showery and we had seen advertised Quince Honey Farm, supposedly an all weather attraction. It was the only thing so far this week that has been disappointing, but to be honest, overall it was a wee bit naff. I liked seeing the bees, but would have preferred something a bit more real, less plastic and contrived. I wanted artisan and got lots of plastic toys. I did like seeing the hives displayed though!

Quince bee farm - 1

Quince bee farm - 2


Quince bee farm - 4

Quince bee farm - 5

Quince bee farm - 6

Quince bee farm - 7

Quince bee farm - 8

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