Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

I know it’s only August, but the apples in the garden are ripe and the mornings have a delicious misty chill that I totally love. On Friday I had arranged to visit my friend Su for a cup of tea (my socialising ration for the week) and said I would get there in time to walk her puppy with her. The morning was so lovely I just couldn’t bear to sit in traffic on the London Rd, so I grabbed my camera and walked down to the canal and along to Sydney Gardens. We ended up walking back along the same bit of the canal with Abbey the dog and back across the meadow. Had a lovely long chat and a herbal tea, tried not to undo too much of Abbey’s ongoing puppy-training, and then headed back via Morrisons to pick up stuff as we had friends coming to dinner on Saturday evening.

sydney gardens - 01

Across the river

sydney gardens - 03

the River Avon

sydney gardens - 10

foreign invader…Himalayan Balsam

sydney gardens - 14

I was hearing (on dear old Radio4) that invaders like this Himalyan Balsam attract bees away from our native species

sydney gardens - 17

up to the canal path

sydney gardens - 24

canal boats bring back memories of happy holidays

sydney gardens - 26

First there was ‘sunshine on Leith’, now we have sunshine on Lambridge!

sydney gardens - 29

This cutey wanted to come out and play

sydney gardens - 30

so much nicer than breathing in the exhaust fumes on the London Rd that runs parallel to the canal

sydney gardens - 36

lovely herb box

sydney gardens - 40

spooky canal tunnels

sydney gardens - 49

Venice eat your heart out!

sydney gardens - 55

hello pigeon!

sydney gardens - 60

my favourite shelter from the rain, in Sydney Gardens

sydney gardens - 63

the Holburne Museum; ‘where art meets park’

sydney gardens - 69

berries after the rain

sydney gardens - 83

good girl Abbey!

sydney gardens - 85

now that’s exactly how to sit and wait!

sydney gardens - 90

…and wait a bit more..

sydney gardens - 91

such a good dog!

Now here I must point out I am not a badly educated person – 8 o’levels, 4 a’levels, a BScEcon(hons) and some odds and ends of professional qualifications – but I still manage to be not very bright! Weeks at hip and knee classes learning how to manage dodgy old arthritic knees, and I know I shouldn’t over do walking and that carrying heavy weights (like bags of food shopping) adds stress to the knee joints, so what do I do? I walk a jolly long way and carry heavy bags! Duh! So it should not have been a surprise that I spent the afternoon struggling to stand and whinging about the pain. It cheered me up no end though when Mark came home from work early and with flowers and a blu ray (Divergent).



I did the same walk and took photos back in January on a frosty morning. It’s nice to look back and compare:

Kennet and Avon canal path



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4 responses to “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

  1. Sue Vernon

    Brilliant photos, as always, I do love our country !! xx

  2. Kath Hamper

    loving the canal shots!! (well, of course i would!)

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