Spring is sprung

Yesterday Mark and I went down to Dorset to check on our holiday flat – the damp ceiling was worse than ever and the drain outside the bedroom window was blocked and stinking; not nice. It was a bit depressing, so to cheer ourselves up we stopped off at Barrington Court on the way home. Delicious roast veg and mozzarella open sandwich with salad, but sadly no room for apple and cinnamon crumble with apple sorbet.

Stretching our legs around the gardens gradually eased the frustration with our holiday flat. I had only seen the gardens in mid Summer and it was so nice to see them in Spring, picturing where the foxgloves and crocosmia and roses will be in a few months’ time. Earlier in the week Mark had taken a day’s leave and bought me an early birthday present…a Nikon d3200 camera! He tells me it is my birthday and Christmas present for the next 17 years, but I chose to believe he is joking… Our couple of hours at Barrington Court was a good chance to try it out. As I didn’t have my glasses to hand, I took it to be fate telling me to try out the camera on auto. I do prefer using it on manual, but it is good to know what to expect from auto (not least being hit on the nose when taking a portrait orientation photo if the camera decides to fill in the shadows with the flash!).

I love windows – the combination of glimpses of inside, reflections of outside and contrast between glass and brick.

How about this for a view? There is a ha-ha between the garden and park land

Barrington Court – stone against the blue sky

Rather keen on gates too…

Barrington Court

camelia showing off her Spring finery

the blue of the sky really sets off the showy camelia

beautiful old tree

Another favourite – views through archways and doorways

Who thinks it’s a good idea to bring their kids’ bikes to a National Trust garden??? Having to step out of the way of ill-brought up kids with no consideration of others (or beuatiful old brick paths) is not one of my favourite things!

The restaurant is in this building – very delicious roasted veg and mozzarella open sandwich

more favourite things – benches (and robins)

Old is so beautiful; except when it’s my knees!

ooh lookee…a ladybird!

daffodils = Spring

Would love a moat, but not sure the neighbour in the other semi would appreciate it…

more moat

bingo! a series of archways!

Now this is what I call a rain-butt!

Have to add walled gardens to my favourite things.

I want to say this is a japonica, but have no idea if that’s right…Tracey or Helen will know

love these espalier fruit trees

What’s a veetable garden without a water feature?


Do you think we could have two of these guarding our front door please?

Patent camera bag carrying chap swinging his heels as he waits for slow-coach redhead

It was a long tiring day yesterday, but today we were surprisingly lively – lunch with lovely Alison from choir and a long chatty catch up in the garden with the cats and coffee cake, while Mark put together the raised beds (upside down to make it easier for me to paint them with forget-me-not blue wood stain).

shield bug (?) on the garden table

mmmmmm…homemade coffee cake. Totally threw me that in USA coffee cake is not coffee flavoured; here it is.

gooseberry plant coming in to leaf

grow house carrying out the business of growing, accompanied by shrub prunus (ummm, do I hear my sister giggling?)

flowering cherry…er…flowering

look at those sweetpeas go!

a little bit of sun and everything is starting to sprout

raised beds in the garden

Max and Rio admire Mark’s work

Rio loves the old veg plot

Cherry plum tree in blossom – very tart, but makes a nice jelly to go with cold meats

Amazingly the coming week is forecast to be dry – let’s hope the knees let me do some digging!

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  1. Oh, I must say that Mark is brilliant with presents! Such a clever man, and what a lovely gift! … and how nice it was to “visit” Barrington court once more.

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