absorbing vitamin D at Westonbirt Arboretum

Another dry day! woohoo! I was all for digging the bit of the garden where we want to put the raised beds, but was out voted by Mark who reckoned it would kill my knees and dragged me to Westonbirt Arboretum instead (ok, I didn’t take a huge amount of persuasion).

Being something of a (modest) domestic goddess, I made a loaf of sundried tomato bread and popped a beef stew in the slow cooker before we went out.

mega loaf

mega loaf

Checked the garden for signs of life before we went out, and was delighted to find my sweet peas are beginning to grow!

grow house

grow house

sweet peas growing!

sweet peas growing!

The rhubarb is showing signs of life too…

rhubarb shoots

rhubarb shoots

…and the shrub prunus is starting to blossom.

shrub flowering cherry

shrub flowering cherry


We are only a short drive from Westonbirt and have annual membership to the arboretum; love to see the seasons change there. The snowdrops always seem so welcoming. I rather expected them to be the only signs of Spring, but the arboretum is full of signs that Winter is on its way out.

fair maids of February

a cloud of snowdrops


witch hazel

witch hazel flower

daffodils pushing through the old year's leaves

daffodils pushing through the old year’s leaves

hmmm…er…white flowers on a green bush type thing (where’s my sister’s encyclopaedic garden knowledge when I need it?!)


There are still signs of Winter and the ghosts of last year’s blooms, luminescent in the low sunlight.

The lovely thing about the arboretum is that the trees speak for themselves.




I was relieved to see that although there are signs of storm damage, the arboretum has clearly held up well to the recent weather challenges.


It was sad though to see the damage to the lovely carved foot.






We will be renewing our membership shortly, because the arboretum is simply food for the soul (without adding to the hips!).


As ever, I need to thank my photographic assistant who never complains as he carries around my camera bag and lenses and enthusiastically points out patches of sunshine, squirrels and snowdrops in case I have missed them.

Mark, "behind you!"

Mark, “behind you!”










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3 responses to “absorbing vitamin D at Westonbirt Arboretum

  1. Sue Vernon

    Brilliant Susan, as always, mind you the bread made me hungry !!


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