a dog’s life

Thursday is my George day and I arranged with George’s ‘mum’ to borrow his car harness and take him to the silk wood at Westonbirt Arboretum…dog Heaven. I had been warned he is not good in the car, but he was happy to get in and sat quietly for the 30 minute drive. It was only when I parked that it all got just too exciting for him. His little feather duster of a tail was a blur it wagged so fast and he made little excited barks as he pulled me along…and he didn’t even know where he was going.

my little friend, George

my little friend, George

When we got to the silk wood (beyond cows and cars), at first he sniffed and sniffed and was reluctant to walk. I suspect he thought if he came to me he would go back on the lead. It didn’t take him long to realise that he was free for the whole walk. He marched on ahead of me, stopping to wait if I fell too far behind.

hurry up!

hurry up!

We followed the network of paths crisscrossing the wood, at times George barely showed above the long grass, bluebells, buttercups and dandelions.

George in the long grass

George in the long grass

We passed a few very large barking dogs and George just trotted past them, showing them how a good dog behaves.

George goes ahead

George goes ahead

We passed a happy 2 hours or so. I cannot believe that this little dog, who has only known me for a matter of weeks, could be so well behaved and trusting. Sometimes I tested him by taking a different path and calling him, and he came to me every time.

I think I wore him out, as he slept like a baby on the way home.

I will definitely take him back to the the silk wood.








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2 responses to “a dog’s life

  1. That is one happy dog – I do love to see a dog free to explore the world!!

    • Although I say it myself, I rather think George reckons I’m a pretty good human to let him run around such a wonderful place, full of excellent scents and lots of people to admire him.

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