Iford Manor with VisitBath

Thank you so much Trish for inviting me to join you on VisitBath’s tour of Iford Manor’s beautiful gardens. Totally fell in love with these beautiful gardens – and the lovely family who own them.


I loved hearing about the history of the house and the Peto garden.

Then through the gate to Paradise for a tour of the amazing gardens.

I was very taken with these two stone dogs…

It was the cloisters though that took my breath away. Trish felt the same way – so much so that we loitered when the rest of the group went for their cream tea and Trish lost herself in a little yoga…and I sang!

Then a slow meander down to the tearoom for a really yummy cream tea – highly recommend the White Knight tea (with rose, almond and citrus).

Huge thanks to VisitBath, everyone at Iford Manor…and of course Trish for inviting me and driving me.




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Wyndcliffe Court, St Arvans

Apart from an accident on the M4 and the old Severn Crossing being closed slowing us down, had a lovely day at Wyndcliffe Court in St Arvans with Mark and ex-colleague Gavin. A beautiful arts and crafts house and garden with sculpture trail, sadly closing at the end of September.

We even managed to pop in for a cup of tea with my mum on the way home.

wyndcliffe - 38

Because of the travel problems it was lunch time when we got there…


The bees and butterflies were enjoying the sunshine.

Lovely views from the woodland garden.

I really wanted to buy this sculpture but was persuaded that £280 was extravagant.

wyndcliffe - 26

We did come home with this more budget-friendly one though!

wyndcliffe - 46

Rather liked this one too…but he didn’t want to come with us.

This one didn’t come home with us either.

wyndcliffe - 56


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Rain Shower Sunday

I rather like a showery Sunday…forced relaxation and the chance to play with my macro filters:





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Forest of Imagination

Last weekend Forest of Imagination decorated Bath…my favourite installation was the butterflies in Bath Abbey…

I looked around the Abbey again while I was there…

…the rest was great too though!





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West Littleton Open Gardens

My boss kindly made me aware of an open gardens weekend this weekend at West Littleton, a tiny village near Marshfield…now the place we will be buying our next house, when we win the lottery.

A number of houses in the village open their gardens to raise money for the village church and it is a very pretty walk from the car park (field) to the first house.

We were really impressed with the first house (Cadwell Hill Barn) – lovely design; one of those gardens where you wander from ‘room’ to ‘room’.

Then on to the more open, but equally lovely gardens of Cadwell House.

..and then I lost my heart to The Croft…sigh…I would live in their shed if they would let me! First the formal garden…

Then the herbaceous border and the wild garden, alive with the sound of bees…

On through the village…could anywhere be more English?

west littleton - 41

Through the pretty gate to West Farm…complete with lambs! (the pen looks terribly small, but they won’t be there for long). We could see ourselves living here – a walled garden is such a lovely thing and would be great for the cats. The trouble with all these lovely houses and gardens is that, even if we could afford them, their owners would never want to leave!

Then on to Home Farm, where we were greeted loudly and affectionately by a very beautiful three-legged cat.

Onwards through the village…

…to the Old Manor House (there will be music and teas there tomorrow).

On to Woodbine Cottage and the Old School House and along the road to Church Cottage, where the lovely owner talked about her garden…and the small cottage for sale next door…very tempting!!

Lastly we went back up in to the village to St James’s Grange – only here when we had almost finished walking around this last garden did the Heavens open. I think it was fate thinking of my waistline, as this was where the tea and cake was for sale, but no space left under cover.

These gardens are open again tomorrow – Sunday 12th June – from 2pm to 5pm, £5 for adults with concessions for seniors and children.


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Bath Botanical Gardens: an evening walk through the trees

On Thursday evening I joined a group of Bath WI ladies for a walk through the Bath Botanical Gardens with Tom – climbing arborist extraordinaire and BANES tree expert. It was a lovely evening and we were all rather stunned by how much Tom knows about the trees there – both the botany and the history.

Of course we had to stop and admire the Bath WI edible garden!

And on with the tour…

Across the road to The Dell as the sun sinks…

Then back to Kitty’s for very WI refreshments!



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A Demuths Day Out at Yeo Valley Gardens

What a lovely day! A beautiful garden, lovely food, lovely people and even sunshine…lots of sunshine! So nice of Rachel to treat the team to a day out at Yeo Valley Gardens.

Yeo Valley - 1

Ready to set off!

First off a wander through the first few gardens to the avenue of trees in blossom.

Then on to the gravel garden and to admire the house (Lydia and I have agreed to share it)

Yeo Valley - 22

cerinthe major

A quick peak at the cows…

Yeo Valley - 17

Yeo Valley - 19

A little rest…

…and back to the cafe to meet Stefani for lunch (via the Demuths outdoor disco)

Yeo Valley - 36

Time for lunch!

A little more strolling…and some lounging in the shade of the blossom trees.

Yeo Valley - 42

Jan outshining the flowers

Time for tea in the oh so pretty cafe.

Yeo Valley - 62


Yeo Valley - 63



Thank you Rachel for the loveliest of days!!

















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